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Find below detailed information about the Community Engagement and Benefit Sharing Plan associated with the project during the Construction and Operation phases.


Community engagement and benefit sharing plan (CEBSP)

As part of the commitments associated to Crookwell 3 Wind Farm project, a Community Engagement and Benefit Sharing Plan is being implemented.

This plan is designed based on reference guides such as the ones published by DPIE and the Clean Energy Council. Best practice community engagement is a core part of our corporate philosophy and approach to business. For more information, please find our Corporate Responsibility Policy and Corporate Social Commitment:

We are continuously working to translate these principles into real, tangible action in the Crookwell 3 region through a clear plan for ongoing effective engagement as the wind farm is built and operated. Our approach is motivated by a strong commitment to engage with the Crookwell 3 community during all phases of the project, generate positive impacts, and maintain our social license to operate.

A Community Engagement Committee has been established by the Upper Lachlan Shire Council comprised to fufill that goal. The Committee is comprised of representatives from the local community, the Council and GPG and will facilitate a direct, two-way channel of communication. The community will also be provided with continuous updates about the project and related community initiatives through monthly newsletters, media releases, local print media ads, information sessions, open days, participation in stalls at community events, etc.

Community benefits and commitments

We are committed to building strong, trusting relationships with the community that surround the wind farm as well as with all the relevant stakeholders through the implementation of our Community Engagement and Benefit Sharing Plan. This is essential to establishing a social license to operate. Our company is financially supporting the delivery of this plan by investing into the community over the life of the wind farm as well as providing other non-financial benefits that will be achieved through key initiatives described below:

  • Neighbourhood Benefit Program – to assist neighbours closest to the wind farm to mitigate the potential impacts during the Construction and Operation phases.
  • Community Development Fund – to be implemented during the Operation phase of the wind farm to develop priority local community projects.
  • Local School Program – including educational sessions on renewables, visits to operating wind farms, etc.
  • Sponsorships – supporting local businesses campaign, local organisations, etc.

Community Consultative Committee Minutes

The minutes of all the meetings held by the Community Consultation Committee are available at the link below.

Information sessions & presentations

Upcoming sessions & presentations

  • Community Open Day 2022, Roslyn Hall TBC

Previous sessions & presentations

  • Virtual Stakeholder Update (via Zoom) December 2 2021

Community events

Upcoming events

  • Crookwell Show February 12 & 13, 2022
  • Laggan Pig Races February 19, 2022
  • Crookwell Potato Festival November, 2022

Previous community events

Call for applications

Crookwell 3 Wind Farm Community Enhancement Grants Program will begin once the Wind Farm is operational. The Grant program will open in March- each year and close in June of the same year. The announcement for successful grants will be in November of the same year.

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